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Let's Coach/ Train

1 Million

Innovators Together!

7 Ways we could work together

Our mission: to coach/train 1 million innovators by 2027

How: by working with experts like you


Book excerpts, Youtube videos, creative commons tools, self-study program



Use our certification, videos, course templates in your courses

A fixed fee per student $50

Or use of our Innovation Essentials Certification

($95 students/ $190 Professional)


Joint Student Courses

A fixed fee $5K remote,

$10K + expenses in person


Joint Executive Course

You: Subject Expertise

GEA: A program to follow

2 options: 50/50 work/ revenue split or a fixed fee

$10K remote, $15K + expenses in person


Expert Exchange

We're looking for experts speakers and mentors

We are also open to participation in your courses

and guest lectures


Join one of our courses

Join one of our online courses

Our next executive course

"Think, Do Tank: AI and Innovation Management"

starts August 10th


Let's be creative

Would you like to co-create some tools

Do research together

Something else ?... let's talk

"We are all one, together we can do so much more"


Arrange a talk:

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