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The Global Entrepreneurship Alliance is committed to training one million entrepreneurs by 2026. We are building an alliance of trainers, mentors, and various organizations to achieve this goal. Together we want to discover ways in which we can make entrepreneurship education affordable, scalable, and locally relevant. 

our mission

our method

GEA is backed by CYCLES, a method carefully curated by award-winning professor Bryan Cassady with 22 co-authors. It started as an award-winning program at EDHEC (among the top 5 business schools globally) and was later improved by the CYCLES team. Bryan and 22 innovation experts detail these methods in the upcoming book CYCLES.


GEA runs a 5-day learning-by-doing program that thousands of trainers worldwide can teach in any language, online or in-person.

The program content has been proven and tested at EDHEC – Europe’s top school for entrepreneurship.

We’ve successfully trained students as young as 17 from 22 countries. Based on these successes, we have started new programs in Nigeria, Angola, India, and Malaysia.



Today we have a 5-day program costing the equivalent of €50 per student covering the essentials. Our program can be integrated into other programs and, with minimal training, can be run with ease by locals.

We are now reaching out to build partnerships with like-minded organizations to integrate our content into existing and new programs.

Our goal is to collaborate, not compete. This integration increases the program's efficiency and forges meaningful collaborations to make entrepreneurship education accessible to all.



We connect people globally

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