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We are building an



of educators around the world

We base our curriculum on CYCLES, a method developed by award-winning professors and innovation experts.

The challenge

There are currently hundreds  (if not thousands) of programs set up to support entrepreneurship education, but none are equipped to reach millions of entrepreneurs.


The reason is that they are expensive (costing up to and over $1000 per student), too long (2-112 weeks long), and are hard to scale because they cannot be integrated with other programs and most require highly skilled trainers.

our promise

Our program covers the essentials in 5 days, costs the local equivalent of €50 per student, and can easily be integrated into hundreds of other programs.

We believe the only way we will make entrepreneurship education accessible to a million individuals, irrespective of their background, is by creating an alliance of like-minded people working together worldwide.

reasons to believe

The program content, the work of 22 innovation experts, collected in the book CYCLES, has been proven and tested at EDHEC – Europe’s top school for entrepreneurship. 

Our program is based on independent local programs that are easy to scale and collaborate for continual improvement.  

We have successful trained students as young as 17 from 22 countries. Based on these successes, we have initiated programs in Nigeria, Angola, India and Malaysia.


There are thousands of courses and programs on innovation and entrepreneurship. We did not build something new; we took the best, improved the content, making things a lot simpler and hands-on.

Like the lean start-up, design thinking and strategyzer, our program is built on the PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act). We explain why this methodology is important and help people to plan, build, test and improve ideas step by step. What initially started as a 30-hour course, we reduced the content to 12 hours of training through trail and error and added more vital learn-by-doing. We also made the online course more interactive and fun.


Our course is now fast (5 days), fun (we have a 92% completion rate), cost-effective (our fee for books, online tools, and instructor training is just €50 per student) and easy to scale (we have a simple, effective train the trainer model).


  • Copies of the lectures used to run our 5-day program

  • Exclusive access to our online templates that can be updated and personalized

  • A signed, advanced reader copy of our book CYCLES

  • Access to our new, "by invite-only" Slack and LinkedIn groups to keep your discussions you started going

  • An invitation to attend our free half-day course to obtain your certification to run this program in your local markets


Based on the ABCS of Innovation, you will have a meeting in the morning on each day of the event and then work in groups to apply what you have learned. You will have lifetime access to the latest tools, methods and strategies used in innovation. You will work on live case studies daily with other brilliant students.


Team formation -team of diverse members will work together towards a common goal 

Ice Breaker - activity to know your group and team 

Speed Dating - get to know your fellow classmates with a super fun networking session

Alignment with Challenge -learn more about the challenge you will be tackling 

Write your "TRUE NORTH" -The NORTH star the team must follow to create a change in a systematic manner


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